Superior stiffness

Our lamination technique achieves superior stiffness without any excess weight making your PROSKIFF more responsive and efficient in converting your energy into boat speed.


Consistent weight

Our production method ensures your PROSKIFF meets the minimum FISA standard so you know the weight you’re training at, is the weight you’re racing at.



Excellent damage resistance and longevity due to the combination of carbon and high quality toughened epoxy resin and two-pack german paint system.

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User friendly features

Make every minute on the water count with adjustable coxwains headrests, clip on height washers and thumbscrews on shoe plates, that allow crews to change seat setup on the water without the need for tools.

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Adjustable fittings and components

We strive to provide ample adjustment on as many fittings as we can to maximise rower efficiency, including the seat chassis and up to 30mm gate and 80mm shoe height ranges.



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Intuitive upgrades

Maximise rower comfort with a range of upgrade options. Choose from drink bottle holders, Nike or New Wave shoes and BAT Logic quick release shoe plates when ordering a new boat or buying spares for your fleet.


Accurate and repeatable build

Our production process ensures an accurate build that's on spec every time, so you know what to expect when it comes to stiffness, durability, weight, finish and fittings.